High temperature refractory and acid proof refractory and acid-resistant masonry work all over Finland

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Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy handles high

temperature refractory and acid proof refractory jobs with solid experience and expertise. We operate nationwide - and internationally, if needed - from our location in Nivala.

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Solid expertise with professional efficiency

Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy was founded to provide customers with
more-efficient services supplied by a Finnish company. In our field of work, we
noticed the need for a reliable and high-quality partner which can handle
demanding lining jobs and produce high-quality results.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience and
expertise, who have worked in this field for a long time. We have completed
challenging projects together over the years. Our strengths include flawless
teamwork, seamless adaptability to all kinds of situations, and flexibility.

Comprehensive services cost-effectively

We specialize in high temperature refractory and acid proof refractory for industrial operators. Our satisfied customer base includes companies in a number of industries. Our field includes heating plants, glass ovens, acid towers and tanks, various metal melting furnaces, crematoriums and rotating furnaces. We are also a distributor of some of the best materials in the industry. 

We offer our customers comprehensive services from design to final cleaning, at a cost-effective price. We handle both small and large projects with professional efficiency, always adhering to the agreed schedule. Our company is based in

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Inspections, reporting, planning, demolition, masonry, high

temperature refractory and acid proof refractory – read more about our comprehensive services.

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Choose a reliable and high-quality operator

Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy offers expert and efficient service based on years of extensive experience.

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Our team consists of rock-solid, qualified industry professionals. By choosing us as your partner, you ensure a high-quality result precisely in line with your plans.

Kaksi hammasratasta, kaksi kämmentä ja kilpi

We always adhere to the schedules and budgets agreed upon with our customers, and keep our customers informed of any changes. We are a reliable and efficient player; working with us is straightforward and convenient.

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We offer our customers service based on extensive experience and strong professionalism, all at a competitive cost. Our efficient operations also mean cost-effectiveness in both small and large projects.


Contact us and we will get to work designing a reliable and cost-effective solution that meets your needs. From its location in Nivala, Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy handles various fire and acid-resistant masonry jobs flexibly, throughout Finland.

The best way to get a hold of us is using the contact form on our website, but you can also reach us by phone and e-mail.

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Order high temperature refractory and acid proof refractory from an experienced and reliable professional. Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy serves all of Finland from its location in Nivala.

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