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Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy, an expert in the field of acid-resistant and
refractory masonry, serves companies in a range of
industries. We provide our expertise for both small and large projects, in
Nivala and across Finland. If necessary, we also work abroad.

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A professional in demanding lining work

We specialize in demanding masonry and high temperature refractory and acid proof refractory jobs that require fire and acid resistance. Our team is made up of experienced and qualified professionals who can handle even the most challenging of projects efficiently and cost-effectively, always producing the highest quality. Our customer base consists of district heating plants, sawmills, foundries and industrial plants in a range of fields. We have expertise in working with glass

ovens, acid towers and tanks, various metal melting furnaces, crematoriums and rotating furnaces.

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Comprehensive services

Our main service is masonry, high temperature refractory and acid proof refractory work to meet the needs of industry. We offer comprehensive service from the design stage to final clean-up. You can also use our services to the extent necessary to get your project moving.


We carry out inspections of linings and masonry work, including checks on repair and renovation needs. During inspections, we take account of material strengths, wear and various types of damage.


We provide valid reports on the audits we carry out. In addition, we
draw up tailor-made reporting on our own portion of the work on-site, and a comprehensive final report after the work is completed.


We prepare a comprehensive plan of the materials to be used in the job, installation methods and implementation. This ensures the best possible outcome for our work.


According to our customer's needs, we also carry out demolition work on-site, for example in various types of repair jobs in which the old lining must be removed to make way for a new one.


We specialize in demanding acid-resistant and refractory masonry.

Acid proof refractory

We offer acid proof refractory using the casting or spray method.


We also handle rubberizing on new sites and renovations.


We manufacture prefabricated products in accordance with the customer's needs and wishes, including burner blocks, sugaring, etc. We are here to help you with material selection and design.


We will pre-dry the objects before commissioning, if necessary.


We provide services for site monitoring. We offer skilled and
professional supervisors for your site.


We are also a distributor of some of the best materials in the industry.

Our references

During our years of work, we have been involved in a wide variety of small and large, simple and challenging projects. Below you will find some of our references.

We'll update the references soon.


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From our location in Nivala, we offer flexible service across Finland.

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Suomen tekninen muuraus Oy from Nivala, Finland, is a professional in demanding acid-resistant and refractory masonry work across the country.

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